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President of The Official White House Boys Organization, Jerry Cooper, has just recorded a song about the White House Boys and the atrocities that occurred at The Florida School for Boys and Okeechobee School for Boys.  Cooper states, " I did these songs for all who have been a part in one the most horrific stories of child abuse in American History. I will not accept any compensation for the "White House Boys" song in any way" and he also  adds that he has no plans to go back to his career in country music.  To read the entire story and listen to the Public Service Announcement, as well as read the story about the song written by Kevin Wood and published in Bay Community News: , CLICK HERE

Click the radio buttons below to hear "The White House Boys" song, as well as its flip-side "Welcome to My World", which he dedicated to his lovely wife, Babbs.  

"The White House Boys"
Written By:
Billy Joe Burnette-Bobby Lewis-Jan Woods
Publishing-Bobby and Patrica Music

"The White House Boys"

"Welcome to My World"

Nashville Country Legends Join Fight In New Song “The Whitehouse Boys” to Remember The Deaths and Torture of, and Seek Justice for, the Abused Children of the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Jackson County, Florida.


To All,

    Please see attachment. I had the honor of meeting and having lunch with Mrs. Barbara Prinzi,the widow of my football coach Victor Prinzi in 1961 when I was incarcerated at the Florida School For Boys in Marianna Florida. We visited and talked about Vic"s time at the school as coach and was telling her the awful things that were being done to us boys at the school. Barbara says for all the white house boys, we deserve justice for all the abuse that was dealt to us as children, and that these things should have never happened to any of us. She wishes that all of us can possibly find some kind of closure in the near future.
      Barbara was a God send to me and lifted a lot off of my mind just by talking with her and being with her that afternoon at Sanibel. In a rating of 1-10, Barbara Prinzi is a 12. Thank you Barbara Prinzi and thanks for your support for the "White House Boys".

                                                    Jerry Cooper "Just A White House Boy"


    This man in the picture with me is "Pete Prinzi" and White House Boy, Bill Price.  Bill Price, Roy Conerly, and I (all FSB football players) along with Jim "Harley" De Neye traveled to Jupiter Fla. to see a game between the Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals. This was arranged by Pete and we had a great time with him. Pete, of course, is Victor Prinzi's son.  Victor was the football coach in 1961 when we were there. I was the quarterback, Price was the kicker and Roy played on the defense for the Yellow Jackets.
    His son, Pete, is the Athletic Trainer for the Cardinals, and I am sure if Vic were living he would be very proud of him.  Vic and Pete's mother, Barbara Prinzi, did such a good job of raising this man. Pete loved his father very much and misses him every day. Pete played Pro-Football in Europe -- "YOU BETCHA AS QUARTERBACK." 
   We were able to talk with Pete for some time before the game and we had so much fun together!!!  I was tempted to ask him if he wanted to arm wrestle but I chickened out!!!  I was going to pitch for the Cardinals but I was too tired to play!!!
    Pete, we as White House Boys are proud to be your friends and will forever will be. Thank you sir for meeting with us and parking us in the players lot and the great seats and shirts you gave us. Would you think about going to Washington and play Quarterback for the Redskins???  They need you badly!!!
P.S.  To all the ladies who see this "HE IS ALREADY MARRIED TO A LOVELY LADY AND THEY HAVE I THINK ABOUT 10 KIDS" He makes "Brad Pitt" look ugly!!!!

Jerry Cooper
"Just A White House Boy"

By Marti Somnitz (wife of Buddy, a White House Boy)

Buddy and I, our daughter, her fiancé and our grandson spent Father's Day boating (which Buddy loves) and swimming. Buddy didn't feel well enough to get in the water but had a great time on the boat. As I watched him I realized what a miracle that he was even here on earth. With his horrendous treatment, beatings and kicking at the hands of the State of Florida employees at FSB and then the daring... 3 day escape (successful) ordeal, it's lucky he made it. Throw in the lifelong (37 years) of disabling and painful health issues caused by the kicking, and the numerous (over 30) hospitalizations, it is amazing he’s still with us. I KNOW many of the WHBs has had life long issues (physical and mental) from their time at FSB as well. So, while our kids and grandkids celebrate father’s day...I celebrate a White House Boy survivors day and thank God Buddy has been my husband and friend for the past 49 years. Happy WHBs survivors day to the rest of the’re all a walking miracle to have left any Florida School for Boys alive. BTW....WHBs are tougher than most people realize and I'd rather a WHB "watch my back" than anyone.


The Official White House Boys Organization is very excited to share that Michael Mays was selected Citizen of the Year - 2013 for his outstanding work and devotion to his grandfather Nate Dowling, who is the Vice President of our group.  He is an outstanding helper to The Official White House Boys any time he has opportunity.  
Michael has assisted his Grandfather with e-mail, articles and all communication with the group from his home and the hospital.
He is a wonderful young man in all aspects of the word. His family says he has a kind heart and is always there for all of them. His grandfather lights up like a Christmas tree every time he speaks  MICHAEL'S name.  We are so proud of him !!!!
We love you Michael and please know all your hard work is Greatly Appreciated.
Thanks for being you and the fine young man you are.
 The Official White House Boys Organization

Sergeant-at-Arms - Mr. James "Harley" DeNyke and his lovely wife Betty Cooper  ( now fondly addressed as Mrs.  Harley) were wed 6th April 2013.

Our special thoughts and best wishes go out to them.  They have showed us all what counts is to take time for others and yourself. As they join together they also have taken on a large responsibility of working with and for the group.
Harley, as Sergeant-at-Arms and PR Man for the group, is forever vigilant and Mrs. Harley is always by his side and working to help in any way she can.  His work load goes far beyond his job description as it does with many of the officers of the group. 
We wish him and his sweet lady a very Happy and Blessed life together.  May all your roads be dry and your borders be varied.  Love to Life and Live to Ride!!
Loads of Love from all of us at The Official White House Boys

A Letter to all from Pres. Jerry Cooper regarding the letter he received from Senator Bill Nelson's (below) wishing the White House Boys a Merry Christmas
Please read the letter (below) from U.S. Senator Bill Nelson Office. This man is my hero and please let him know, we appreciate everything he has done to help bring out the awful things you had to go thru as a child. We can only wish that Bill Nelson or Attorney General Pam Bondi would run for the office of Governor of the state of Florida.
We  "White House Boys" can not thank them both enough for their help in bringing the truth forward about our plight  that caused ever lasting harm and problems within ourselves for a lifetime.
May you and your families all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jerry Cooper Pres. "Official White House Boys"

Here is the Letter from Bill Nelson' and staff: 

Dear Jerry, 
On behalf of Senator Nelson and all of the Nelson staff, I'd like to extend a very Happy Holidays to you, your family and all of the White House Boys and their family. 
Best wishes for a prosperous 2014 !!! 
With regards and appreciation, 

Digna C. Alvarez
Regional Director
United States Senator Bill Nelson
801 North Florida Avenue, 4th Floor
Tampa, Fl 33602
Phone: 813.225.7040
Fax: 813.225.7050

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