Prayer Requests/Updates

PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES UPDATES - If you have a prayer request or praise report, be sure to let Babbs Cooper know (239-994-1280), or you post on our guestbook, or email to .

THIS COLUMN CONTAINS OUR PRAYER REQUESTS & PRAISE REPORTS FROM 2013.  Earlier Prayers are found in the right hand column:

July 16, 2016
Dear Tom And Bill,
We the "White House Boys" are with you both in prayer and thought every day sir. This prayer done by our pastor for the men "John Marx" is to reach out to you and to our vice president "Bill Price"  and we hope it brings some comfort to you both in some way. You nor "Bill Price"are alone,we are with you every single day and we love you both.

 "With All My Respects And Thoughts"  Jerry Cooper And "The White House Boys"
Prayer from the White House Boys
As time passes by, more and more of our White House Boys are struggling with health issues. It is time for us all to stand intentionally in prayer for each other. We can stand strong in the Lord and in the power of His might through our prayers. Sometimes the Lord brings supernatural healing of the flesh, and other times He takes us home to be with Him. In both cases He can bring the peace that goes beyond understanding and the supernatural ability to go through our trials as we put our confidence in Him.
At this time we would like to ask you to join us in prayer for healing for Tom Masterson, the lead attorney for the White House Boys, and Bill Price, the Vice President of the Official White House Boys. They are both fighting cancer. Tom has pancreatic cancer and Bill has bone cancer.
Dear God, we love you and know of your love for us. Your power is supreme. Your wonder is beyond description. Your healing is complete. Your will is our desire. Today we pray for your healing. You know it is our desire that Tom Masterson and Bill Price be healed. Most importantly we pray the prayer of Jesus, “not My will, but Your will be done.” Thank you, Lord, that we can trust Your will. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Pastor John and Fran Marx, Chaplin

July 13, 2016
I just learned yesterday during a discussion with attorney Greg Hoag that our lead attorney Mr. Tom Masterson is recovering from a pancreatic cancer surgery. I beg you will include him in your prayers and thoughts at this time. Mr. Masterson is a very compassionate man when it comes to the plight of the "White House Boys". He has done everything that is possible within his power to do to bring some kind of justice for all of us over the years and continues to do so.  I will be sending out a report later this week to all of you,but lets at this time give our thoughts and prayers to Tom. I am asking for you to please place Tom on your church prayer lists and for you to pray for him. If you can take 5 min. and send a card to him and e-mail him for a speedy recovery, I would be so grateful to you!!!! Here is the address for cards to Tom Masterson or to send him an email.  
Thomas D. Masterson
Masterson, Hoag & Smith, P.A.
699 1st Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701      EMAIL:
                                                           Respectfully, Jerry Cooper Pres. "Official White House Boys"

June, 2016
Prayers for Mike Sapp, that the new hospital will have answers.

UPDATE 5-29-14  
Prayer request for the Bob Baxter Family - Their sweet granddaughter, Sammi, is in need of much healing due to truck wreck that severely injured her.  Please keep her lifted in your prayers for healing and strength. Remember her children and the Baxter family. Hugs Bob & Chris... It is one of those rough times when we have to let God handle it.  Mercy we pray in the sweet name of Jesus. 

Prayer request for Peggy Marx Griffin who has a head cold that is going to her chest. Timmy ( Peggy's Son) has health issues.

Please pray for Jobs for those that have serious needs.  Food and care for the children this summer when school is closed because there may be no food for them at home.

UPDATE 5-14-14
Please keep Nate Dowling in your prayers.  He was scheduled for heart surgery today, but the surgery was postponed due to complications.  He is back on dialysis.  

UPDATE 1/29/14
Please keep Nate in prayers.  He is in the hospital with chest pains.  His wife Diane Dowling just got out of the hospital with asthma.  

UPDATE 1/28/14
Prayer request for James Blunt health issues for last few weeks. Test this month to ID problem we pray for healing. Diane Dowling is in the hospital due to breathing problems. We pray for healing and comfort. (And, as always, please continue to pray for Nate's ongoing health issues.  Jeffrey Sampson health issues hand and arm. Healing needed.

UPDATE 1/23/14
- As always, please keep Nate Dowling in your prayers for his on-going health issues. Also, his wife, Diane, is in the hospital with asthma.  Please keep them both in your prayers.
Also, Bob Baxter and Long John are having health issues and need your thoughts and prayers as well. 

A Note from the Johnsons:  I am sorry that we have not been in touch lately, but Linda and I both have been real sick.  We were in the hospital together for over a week this month I had to have emgergency surgey and Linda had to have a blood transfusion.  We are recovering at our son's out side of Neillis Air Force Base in Las Vegas NV.  The Doctor said that it would probable be March before I could travel and it is a wait and see about Linda.  Please kept us in your prayers.  Please keep us in your prayers -  Joseph & Linda Johnson 

UPDATE 7/3/13
Praise!  Mike Sapp just came out of surgery!  They were successful putting in a stent! in the lower chamber of his heart!  Answered prayers! 

UPDATE 7/2/13

Please keep Mike Sapp and his family in your prayers.  Mike had a heart attack this morning. 

Also, Diane Fudge goes in for surgery on July 10th.  She has blockages in her abdominal aorta and iliac arteries (the ones that go from your aorta down to your feet).  She asks that you pray their attempt to open these blockages with angio and stents is successful, so she doesn't have to have a much more serious surgery.


Prayers for the Fudge family (Brothers:  Charlie, George & Roy are all White House Boys).  Charlie is in Texas visiting his "little sister", Tina, who is battling cancer.  Also for Diane Fudge who has stent or by-pass surgery on both legs pending in the next few weeks. 
Christina Hill daughter of Pastor and Fran Marx for healing due to auto accident.
Her Mother is at her side daily.

UPDATE 5-17-13
WHB Family and Friends,
I would like to thank each and every one of you. For your cards, prayers, and phone calls. I was a very sick man and you all made me feel a lot better knowing that Jesus and other people care about me.
Always and forever
Vice President Nate Dowling
Love Peace
And Happiness
UPDATE 4-19-13
Jerome Thomas for healing. He had heart surgery. He is Diane' Dowling's family member.
God knows his needs.

Prayers for the Kiser Family Please.  They just called Alaska and the doctor states there is no use for Kevin to be flown to the hospital in Kotzebue as there is nothing more they can do. It is a very sad day when one has a child battling cancer. A wonderful father he has always been. I have had many a sad day in my life but nothing like this sadness that I feel in my heart tonight.

Carl Ford- bite by recluse spider 8 times.
Johnny Wilther- ask doctor to take him off cancer treatment said he had
had enough. Please keep him covered. Lung cancer in lungs last two years.

Update 4-10-13 and 4/13/13
Please Add Bob Baxter  and the following people to the others that were listed here on the 10th and still need continued thoughts and prayers: 
Carl Ford- bit by recluse spider 8 times.
Johnny Wilther- asked doctor to take him off cancer treatment said he had had enough. Please keep him covered. Lung cancer in lungs last two years.
And, continued prayers for: 
Steve Coker is Having a defibrillator pace maker installed Wednesday, April 11, 2013.  Welcome home to Mike Sapp's lady, Debbie, who is recovering from her hip replacement.  Continued prayers to the Kiser family for his son's illness. Nate Dowling is home and continuing his diaylis and fighting the good fight.  If we have missed a prayer request, please email it in or call Miss Babbs at 239-994-1280

Update 3-21-13 
Mary Brodnax- strength and recovery form knee operation.

Nate Dowling - Please continue your prayers
Roger Kiser- Praise safe return home this week from Alaska.
Prayer for peace and comfort for his son and family.
A lot of up lifting needed here. Family of six in a very depressed area and not much to go on with head of the house suffering with terminal cancer.
Mike's sweet lady Debi is in rehab and working the therapy daily. Prayer for rapid recovery and strength.

Update 3-13-13  - Mary Brodnax is having surgery on her knee today. Please keep her in your prayers.  Also, Nate is still in the hospital recovering from removal of a kidney, and Roger Kiser's son istill requires prayer for his cancer. 

Update 2-25-13
- Our Vice President, Nate Dowling, is having a kidney removed tomorrow.  Your prayers and thoughts are needed for Nate and his family.

Roger Kiser has a prayer request for his son, Kevin, who is battling cancer.  The doctors are not optimistic, but we know the One who can do miracles.  Please pray for a miracle for the Kiser family. 

Update on Jerry Cooper.  Jerry is healing nicely, but still is not allowed to drive, lift, etc.  In the meantime, Miss Babbs (Cooper) has recently been down with sinusitis and bronchitis.  Your prayers would be a blessing to her.  We appreciate how much the Coopers do for the White House Boys, even when under the weather.

Update 2-11-13 Prayers for George Fudge, he took a fall and broke several ribs.  Continue prayers below as well please.

Update 2-6-13  Please pray for Andrew Puell whose father passed away today from an aneurysm.  We will advise when we have info about services.  Continue also to pray for Jerry Cooper's recouperation, and for Nate as he goes through dialysis, and for Judy Kiser.

Update 2-1-13-
  Jerry Cooper and Nate Dowling are back at home recuperating.  Nate Dowling is receiving chemo 3 times a week.  Prayers for these officers and their family, as well as Judy Kiser are appreciated.  I'm sure the men would really love to receive a card or a note also. 

update 1-29-13 - Jerry Cooper back by ambulance to Fort Lee memorial hospital in Fort Myers tonight.  Complications of surgery.  Will have more info in a.m. and post it here.  Prayer is needed, and your cards, etc are appreciated.  I do NOT yet have his new room number, but will advise.  Prayers for him AND his family please!

Update 1-28-13

Our President, Jerry Cooper, is at home recouperating from major surgery. Vice President, Nate is still in the hospital on dialysis. Roger Kiser's wife is still very ill. It would be wonderful if you could call them, or drop them a card or a note of encouragement. (the address of Nate's hospital info is in the update below, and you should have Jerry's and Roger's addresses. Jerry's phone is 239-542-3831. Our sSargeant at Arms, Jim DeNyke (407-365-5558) is still helping with Official White House Boys business.  See photo of Jerry 2 days after surgery below:

Update on Jerry Cooper 1-26-13 at 2:15pm
Jerry is recouperating from Neurosurgery on his spine, but is awake and would love to hear from White House Boys.  They added all sorts of nuts and bolts to his back, and he has already been up walking!  In a few months, he should be free of his back pain!  (which he has had for years).  Babbs wants to thank everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts and apologizes that she can't yet return the slew of messages she has received, but she's working on it.  Now, you can call Jerry directly.  There is a bulletin board in Jerry's room for cards and notes and the address follows. WHB business should still go to Jim DeNyke, our Sargeant at Arms (407-365-5558) until further notice.

Read on for more info, especially if you haven't already read all about Jerry, Nate and Judy Kiser.

UPDATE 1-24-13; 6:30pm
  President Jerry Cooper and Vice President, Nate Dowling are both in the hospital.  First, I'll post their contact info with a brief note from Miss Babbs, and then I'll give you an update on their conditions, and the rest of the prayer requests.  Here is the contact info and what Miss Babbs sent:

Jerry A. Cooper c/o
Lee Memorial Hospital
2776 Cleveland Avenue
Room 2402 A
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: 239-343-2000
or 239-343-2222 x 72402
Nate Dowling  c/o
Manatee Memorial Hospital
Room 421
206 2nd St E
Bradenton, Fl 34208
941 746-5111

OK, Now here is the scoop on Jerry and Nate, and other prayer requests:
    Jerry Cooper
     President Jerry Cooper was taken to the hospital in Cape Coral at 1am on Jan 23rd by ambulance.  He was then transferred to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers where he has been awaiting urgent surgery, which has now been scheduled for tomorrow Feb 25th at 2:00 pm. He will be having neurosurgery on his spine. (Update: Surgery has been done and he is recouperating well)   Your cards and notes will surely be appreciated! 
    Nate Dowling
 is still in the hospital.  They started his dialysis today (1-25-13).  He was able to do the radio show  from his hospital bed, and is up to having phone calls.  It is my understanding that he has his cell phone with him in the hospital, so you can call that or the hospital phone. 

New Prayer Request:

Roger Kiser's wife Judy is quite ill.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as well.  

Please keep JERRY, NATE & JUDY KISER and their families in your prayers, and check back here for updates on their status.

UPDATE 1-21-13

Please keep Nate Dowling in your prayers.  He is in the hospital with kidney problems.  Rather than have everyone calling him at the hospital, Miss Babbs will keep us updated each day.  This way Nate can get some rest 

White House Boys – Prayer for Healing and Unity

Pastors John and Frances Marx

Almighty Father, we lift up all the White House Boys and their families.

Our Father, you know the pain each one has endured and the injustices each one has suffered.

We thank you Father, that you have provided a means by which each one can receive healing, restoration and a peace that goes beyond understanding through your Son, Jesus Christ.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray Lord that you would send the Holy Spirit to minister to each one’s heart and mind.

We thank you Father for your amazing grace and pray that by the Power of the Holy Spirit, each one is empowered to receive and embrace your healing and peace.

Although during the time spent at Florida School for Boys, many were separated and divided because of race, we rejoice that you have made us one body in Christ.

We thank you Lord for the unity only You can bring to enable us to be one family, all brothers and sisters in Christ.



ENJOY THIS PRAISE and Please Continue to Pray for Her)
My Cancer Story by Peggy Grantham (wife of White House Boy, John Grantham)
    I had a mammogram in December of 2006 which showed “questionable” areas in my left breast.  After a return for an ultrasound the radiologist felt I needed to be referred to a surgeon.  On February 1, 2007, I had a “lumpectomy” for the two areas which were identified.  The doctor felt they looked fine and this would be the end of the problem and life would continue normally. When the pathology came back both of the lumps happened to be enlarged lymph glands.  The doctor had the “privilege” of calling to tell me he had good news and bad news.  I never expected the bad news to outweigh the good news by so much.  I never really felt concern for the biopsy.  I have worked in the medical community for more than 40 years, so I know most of these biopsies turn out to be routine cysts or tissue.  Not this time, no breast cancer, but leukemia.  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).
    After about a year I went for a second opinion because they told me CLL was a wait and see disease.  I was not agreeing to wait and see.   They also told me I did not need a bone marrow biopsy because the lymph glands told us all we needed to know.   I did not know that we needed to know the particular DNA damage to be able to properly treat the disease. I trusted my doctor to know this.  But, I believe in being proactive in your care.  If you are uncomfortable with what you are being told, get a second opinion.  Do it just for your peace of mind.  I had to go out of town at the time because all the oncologists were in one practice and did not see each other’s patients.
     The doctor I saw for the second opinion wanted a CT scan and a bone marrow biopsy, along with a lot of blood work.  After a bone marrow biopsy, more than a year later, I learned that my specific DNA damage had a “poor prognosis”.  The doctor who did the bone marrow biopsy told me I was in for a “growling” chemotherapy and there was no way to know if it would help.  At his suggestion I came back to Tallahassee to be followed by a local doctor.  I was not comfortable going back where I had been.  I now see Dr. Amer Rassam of Tallahassee Cancer Institute, who is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person.   In the summer of 2009, I began the chemotherapy which consisted of three medications: Ritxan, Fludura, Cytoxan.  On the first day of each round of treatments all three medications were infused, along with an antihistamine, anti-nausea medication and a steroid.  The next two days were only two medications with the “little extras”.  Then I would get a three week break before the next round was administered.  This continued for seven months.  It is scheduled for 6 months, but I developed an infection after two rounds and had to be hospitalized for two weeks and had to skip the treatment that month.  I completed the definitely “growling” treatment in December of 2009.  In January 2010, I was hospitalized for another week for neutropenia (I had hardly any neutrophils).
    In the spring of 2010, the doctor told me it was time for me to look into a stem cell transplant.  I was referred to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  After more testing I was told I am a candidate for stem cell transplant and the testing of my family was begun.  I only had one sibling who qualified as a donor, but she was not a match.  After going through the National Bone Marrow Registry and testing for me we learned that I have “rare” antigens and there was no match.  By my three month follow up, one match had been found, but only a 9 in 10 match.  My chemo therapy has been so successful it is too dangerous, in relation to my current health, to chance anything less than a perfect match.  The search is on.  We have been looking for over a year for that perfect person. (If you are between the ages of 18 and 60, go to, complete the questionnaire and see if you are my match.  If you are not between those ages, or you are rejected as a donor for some reason, you can help with a contribution to help register the people who can donate and the registry’s processing of the registrations.)
    In January 2010, I had my yearly mammogram (and ultrasound, as it happens) and there were some probable calcifications and I was returned to the surgeon to consider another biopsy.  Because there were so many areas it was decided we could not biopsy all of them and it would be like “looking for a needle in a haystack”.  The recommendation was to repeat the mammogram in six months.  This was done in July, and there was now a small lump in the lower portion of my left breast.  I was sent for a needle biopsy, but the lump was solid, so nothing could be aspirated.  I was scheduled for another biopsy, lumpectomy.  With plenty of margin removed to assure a good biopsy and the doctor feeling good about the outcome, he got to make another phone call, without the good news portion this time.  None of the margins were clear.  Cancer all the way around.  Ductile carcinoma in situ.  Since part of my leukemia is the lack of a tumor suppressant gene, I opted for a bilateral mastectomy, which was approved by my insurance.  Surgery was scheduled for August 11, 2010.  I stayed three days in the hospital. The biopsy report now showed the cancer was in my entire left breast, now called Ductile Carcinoma Infiltrate.  December 20, 2010, I began reconstructive surgery.  I am almost finished with that process, as of June 2011.  I am truly pleased with those results.
    As a result of the deletion of the tumor suppressant gene and the occurrence of a cancer other than the leukemia, I must keep a close watch for other signs of cancer.  If you are over 50 and have to have colonoscopies every five years consider this.  Now, I have to have mine once a year.  I have blood work and CT Scans every three months and a bone marrow biopsy every six months.  Remember to count your blessings.
    When I think of counting my blessings the ones that come to mind are my wonderful caregiver husband, John, my children, my grandchildren, my mother, my siblings, my friends, my fellow church members, my worldwide prayer warriors and my cancer.  I know, “She counts her cancer a blessing”.  After my first visit to MD Anderson Cancer Center I realized how blessed I was with my cancer (that was before the breast cancer, but I still feel the same).  No matter how bad you think your situation is, you have only to look around at any place in the center and you will understand.  Not only was that visit an eye opener, but through my journey I have learned to reevaluate what is important in life and now understand so much more about eternity.  Everyone dies, no one lives forever.  When I think that I was told I have a terminal disease, I realize we are all terminal, we were born that way.  None of us is promised tomorrow, but we are promised eternal life. 
    When you have medical treatment everyone protects your dignity and privacy.  I tell them they can give me chemotherapy in the middle of the mall if it would help someone else.  I will talk to anyone about my cancers, treatment and reconstruction.  We need to be supportive of each other.  My friends who have been through cancer treatment tell me they appreciate my calls because people who have not experienced cancer and treatment are uncomfortable talking to you, and are afraid they may say the wrong thing.  Support your friends through their treatment and survivorship.  Talk about the real issues and do not be afraid.  Let them tell you how they really feel and talk about their fears.  Think of them as prayer requests.
    There is a bicycle ride here in Tallahassee that was founded by a cancer patient and his family.  It benefits the local cancer foundation and is called the Ride for Hope.  This year I am honored to be the Hero for Hope.  Because of my cancers and my need for a stem cell transplant there has been a focus on the National Marrow Donor Registry.  My friends across the country have become more aware of the Registry since my diagnosis and have helped bring more attention to the Registry and becoming a donor.  Of course, we hope to find a donor with those “rare” antigens I possess, but hopefully many others will find donors because of these efforts.  One of my cousins became a donor this past year due to this emphasis.  I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had because of my diagnosis.
    I am as excited today about birthdays as I was as a child, and do not forget it.  Learn to count your blessing (and your years).
Peggy GranthamMay our Lord be with all the White House Boys and their Families, as they walk through the difficulties of this world. Let's not forget the spouses and families of the White House Boys as well.   We also pray for salvation for all prisoners and their families.

Please continue to pray for her!

Prayer Request Archives:

UPDATE 12-15-12

John Bonne's son, Eldred, had surgery for blood clots, see John's computer is down, but he is at a hospital with his son,

UPDATE 12-10-12

Please pray for our deceased brother, Wayne Howard's, wife Patsy and their and family. If you wish to donate to help with expenses, see his obituary on IN LOVING MEMORY page for information.

Judy Kiser is very sick with COPD, please keep her and Roger and family in your thoughts and prayers. Buddy Somnitz had a heart attack and surgery and is recovering. Please keep he and his wife, Marti in your prayers. Also please keep Don Stratton in your thoughts and prayers, he also has had major surgery for a 99% blockage in his heart, and stents have been done. Jerry Cooper is doing better after the fall that left him hurt pretty badly. Also, Diane Fudge's uncle just had a heart attack, and he needs to be in good health to take care of his wife, who also is not in very good shape.

We ask for prayer for everyone going to the meeting in Tampa tomorrow. Also, please remember the boys at Eckerds as we bring them holiday cheer on Friday and as we fellowship with them while we share lunch with them and bring them the gifts the White House Boys Christmas Project has enabled us to do. These boys need to know that we care about them. We will get to speak to them about staying on the straight and narrow, and show them much love. Praise for all who were so kind and gave to the Eckerds Christmas Program.

Special thoughts and prayers for our troops and their families this Holy Season.

UPDATE 11-16-12
Dick Colon just returned home from a stay in the hospital. Please keep him in your prayers. Also we received the following prayer request from Gus Barreiro:
My friends, I need your prayers for one of my best friends that is fighting for his life. He is at Coral Springs Hosipital, in ICU. Greg is a great guy that I have learned to love and share some incrediable times with. I believe in the power of a prayer, so thank you so much!!!!!

UPDATE 11-13-12
Per Pastor Johnny Marx, please pray for George Shaver, who is imprisoned and suffering.

UPDATE 11-10-12
Please keep Jerry Cooper in your prayers and thoughts. He fell while doing some work near his pool, and has fractured several ribs as well as his sternum. As you may know, that is a very painful injury, so we wish him a speedy recovery.

uPDATE 10-25-12

Prayer request for Peggy Marx as she is suffering with Shingles. Very painful and mush discomfort.
In Jesus love we ask healing and strength.Amen

Update Oct. 4, 2012

Latest requests from Babbs Cooper for Prayer:

October 3, 2012 - Prayers for Marti and Earl Somnitz. Earl is recuperating at home after being in the hospital for his heart. Let's pray for healing for Earl and REST for both of them.

September 26th, 2012 - Healing prayers for Roy Conerly - he has serious dental work done on October 10th.

September 26th, 2012
YEAH!!!! Brayant Middleton is home and laying low and kicking back as doctor said it is a must!!!! He has had a bit of a bad time at hospital and needs to rest and feel better prayer's. :)

As of 9-24-12
Special thoughts to Bryant Middleton for feel better day's

As of 9-13-12

Special thoughts and prayer's for Bryant Middleton. He was waiting for a room at the hospital when we spoke. They found a blockage and a couple of other problems after tests and he will know soon what the outcome will be. IV drip for infection and then blockage to be attended. His spirits were great. Submitted by Babbs Cooper

As of 7-30-12
Please keep Roger Kiser in your prayers. Per his wife, Judy, he is in the hospital with chest pain and difficulty breathing. They are running tests to diagnose the symptoms.

Please also keep the children in your prayers, all this is back to school time. And always pray for your white house brothers and their families.

As of 6-28-12 

Today I read so many needs on my e-mail that it is heart breaking. Health issues for so many and loss of loved ones. How high is the water at your houses? Storm Debby was so nasty and damaging to so many. I really don't know where to start. Let us keep the Fudge family again in prayer for loss of family member. And Peggy and Carl are fighting the flood along with so many others this week. Roger is working on healing after an eye operation and Robert is resting, we hope. after a hard trip to DC. Bryant is getting better daily. Diane is really a mess with her back problems and waiting for MRI confirmation. Could go on and on but God knows our needs so let us be grateful and give thanks for all we have, and uplifted prayer for those of us in need. Thank you all for the Warriors that call and write daily with prayer and request. The WHBz/Brother's Families are so Special. -- Babbs

As of 6-27-12
Prayers for Roger Kiser, who will be having surgery soon.

As of 6-9-12-


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AS OF 5-15-12

Roger Kiser is in need of healing prayer. Much pain and infection due to bad dental problem.
Has been suffering for month with it.

Roger Kiser is in need of healing prayer. Much pain and infection due to bad dental problem.Has been suffering for month with it.

Request for healing prayer's for John Brodnax wife Mary -She is recovering at home from a hospital stay in st. Pete. Her daughter, Mary, called and said her Mom had suffered a stroke and is now home recouperating.

Brother Mike Sapp is requesting your continued prayers during a difficult time.

Please continue prayers for the Fudge Family as their family has two sisters (Tina and Kaye) and a nephew (James) in need of healing. Also special prayers for a grandson.

Let us remember those that are in travel.

Remember our troop's and families daily in prayer that are standing our stead for freedom.

In Christ Love we ask. Amen
(submitted by Babbs Cooper)

As of 2-7-12
Praise God that Robert Straley is healing really well from Heart Surgery! May he continue to recover daily.

As of 1-22-12
Please note an added to prayer to those posted on Jan. 19th. White House Brothers Charlie, George and Roy have had the 2nd death in their family in 2 weeks. Their brother, Junior Fudge passed last week, and his wife Helen (Joyce) passed away yesterday. Their sister Kay just had heart surgery and was in ICU. Their sister, Tina, is fighting cancer. Kay and Tina live in Texas, so the Fudge Bros. don't get to see them very often. Needless to say, their plate is full, and the family covets your prayers during these trying times. (Note: funeral info for Helen is on the Loving Memory page.)
Please pray for Peggy Marx. She is on the way to the hospital with symptoms of heavy chest, numbness in face (last night) and other symptoms that don't sound very good. May God be with Peggy and give wisdom to the doctors.

Also, please pray for Babbs Cooper. She received strict orders from the doctor that she must follow to a "T" - "or else", so lets pray and encourage her that she take it easier from now on, and get the rest that the doctor has ordered!

As always, please keep the Brodnax family in your prayers, and Mike Sapp and his gal Debbie. If anyone knows of others who need prayer, please let us know.
(Submitted by Webmaster)
1 - 8 -12
Prayer request for Mike Sapp- Is feeling a little better but has to have MRI soon to take a good look at things.

The Fudge Brothers (Charlie, George, and Roy - all WHBz) are in need of prayer - Their older brother Floy Lee Fudge (aka Junior) passed away yesterday afternoon. SEE
IN LOVING MEMORY PAGE FOR DETAILS. In addition to that, their "baby sister", Tina, was just told that her cancer has spread. Charlie is trying to balance family along with work to prepare for his February Auction. Pray also for their siblings, nieces, nephews, children and grandchildren as they travel for the funeral services. Their family is spread out all over the country. Charlie is running back and forth with family daily and Ms Diane has been on meds for lung infection for weeks.

Also special needs for prayer for Brodnax family. It is very hard for them all now that Pops is not with them. In Loving Memory, Brother John.

Let us pray for healing and Peace for all. Amen
submitted by Babbs Cooper

As of: 12/23/11
Please pray for Mike Sapp and Debbie. Mike was hit by a car today while riding a bicycle. After a trip to the E.R., he is resting at home. We pray for a speedy recovery.
PRAISE UPDATE 1-1-12 - Mike is starting to heal.
Please also keep the Brodnax family in your prayers as this will be their first Christmas without their beloved husband and father, John Brodnax

As of 11-30-11
Please keep the Brodnax family in your prayers. John passed away last night at 7pm. Further info can be found
If anyone has a nice photo of John for our Memorial page, please email to:
Thank you.

As of 11-15-11
Our prayers are with the John Brodnax Family. Please note the guestbook request from his daughter, Mary:

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for thier calls visits and thoughts and prayers and to let everyone know that we will no longer be accepting any visitors If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call me anytime at 727-565-6652 as we ask that all calls come to me and not to the house as my dad is not able to talk at this time Thank you, Mary

As of 11-9-11

as of 9/29/11
Dearest WHB Family and Friends, As of yesterday Mary Brodnax shared with me that her father John was not doing well and Hope Hospice had come to help family Make John comfortable and that he is not eating or speaking much. They are doing everthing possible to keep him comfortable.

It was his request to me that he be remembered but no pity parties . Quote unquote last week when I asked what we could do for him .He had told me before Christmas "Missy I am sick and won't most likely see you at reunion this year but do not want WHb to be bothered worrying for me. When it's your time you go. Bless them all I love them .

I have had a wonderful time getting to know him for four years. The Big Bear Man is as strong as a Bull and beyond that roar of his is a heart of gold. He my have roared loud but loved deep and unconditional for his family, friends WHB brother's. To me he is "Angel with Attitude" And may God have mercy and grant him peace from this suffering.. Special thoughts and prayer for the family for strength. In Christ love, Babb's

as of 9/25/11
John B's heart test went well, but please continue to keep him in your prayers

9/20/11Please pray for John Brodnax who is having heart tests today. We will post more as soon as we have other info. In the meantime, please keep John and his family in your prayers.

(as of 8-29-11)
Please add Ed and Diane Calian's name to your church's prayer list. Ed has cancer. Peggy as she travels to see her Mom who is ill and then Peggy's moving back to the Blueberry Farm. John Brodnax for health issues that are getting worse daily. Bryant Middleton as he works the memo's and call's regarding FSB and properties issue. Jerry Cooper, whose prays daily that the WHBz to be granted truth and Justice. Judy Kiser who seems to be making head way with the doctors and meds. Praise!! Nate Dowling who will seek answer with doctors next month regarding removal of half his kidney that is needed due to cancer. He is not condition for this operation and feel's he won't take the chance at this time. Please keep him lifted daily. Charlie Fudge and Diane's grandson for continued healing after a serious infection that landed him in the hospital.Diane Fudge, for her continued sciatic pain and for good results regarding her eye, which has been undergoing in-depth testing for the past few weeks. Also, Please Remember those who will be making plans to come to reunion in October and Brother to Brother back to back to help each other.


A prayer request from your webmaster: Please pray also for Ms Babbs Cooper who has been under the weather and has several doctor's appointments coming up. She is no longer on bed rest, but still must take it easy. As you know, she prays for all of you every day, and keeps me up to date with this prayer and praise list for the website, so now its our turn to pray for her.

Prayer Requests & Praises as of July 13, 2011(compiled and submitted by Babbs Cooper)
FOR PRAYER: Roger Kiser's son Kevin who was just put on the list for a liver transplant. Jimmy Carter- Head Injury Mary Brodnax - knee is still not doing good at all even after two operations.John Brodnax - continue to pray for him Jerry- not much change with back and legs Kathy Wingard's prayer request: My cousin (inlaw)'s Mom died about an hour ago and another dear friend sits at his Mom's bedside where she will leave very soon. A woman who treated me like a daughter is in ICU and will leave within hours. Can't repost this now, but please do repost. Thanks Babbs.

Prayer Warriors please keep everyone lifted in prayer and may the peace of our Father's love give comfort. In Jesus name we pray . Amen

PRAISE Reports: Mike Sapp- one day at a time is a Praise to Mike. He is fighting the good fight. Pastor Marx- we have word he is at peace knowing his son is with the father. (Per: Fran). Nate Dowling - Continues to walk in faith everyday and is fighting the good fight. (See also April 8th Prayer and Praise Reports for more about Nate) Dick Colon - is feeling much better and walking without a cane most of the time. Tom Moore - is doing better, and has just accepted his ordained Minister degree!! PRAISE !!!!! Judy Kiser- is doing much better thanks to good doctors and inhalers. Fudge family's sister Tina - has cancer and we have been praying for her for months. Charlie and siblings went to Texas to share in her birthday celebration, which was a great praise.

Prayer & Praise Update 4/8/11
Nate Dowling (941 744-9366) - Praise Report! The blockage that was found last month is gone!! Next, the growth on his kidney will be biopsied soon, per the doctors at Moffitt. I spoke with him yesterday and his spirits are in Praise mode. Mary Brodnax (727 565-6652) - is not doing as well as we would like and she has to have another knee operation this coming month. Please keep her in prayer. Dick Colon (410 581-0284) - Is doing better and his spirits are wonderful as he walks the walk for WHBz. John Brodnax- unspoken prayer request . Peggy Marx - hip and back pain *Fudge Family ( 352 382-2120) - Diane for back pain and migraines, Grandchildren for special needs. Charlie for strength. Jerry Cooper - ( 239 542-3831 )Legs and back damage. Tom Moore (904 768-6260 ) - Health Issues The Lord knows our needs so let us pray for healing in Jesus' name. Many Blessing'sBabbs Cooper (Wife/WHB)239 542-3831 or 239 994-1280

UPDATE 2/17/11 (Per Babbs)

Judy Kiser as we wait for doctors report due to health issues. Judy has not been doing well for months now and we need healing and blessings .

Also, Nate is still having health issues.  Please continue to pray for him and his family.

In Christ name we ask. Amen

Please add Mike Sapp and Nate Dowling to your prayer lists.  More info is coming on the condition of these 2 WHBz brothers.

UPDATE - 12/30/10

A big thanks to Babbs for always helping keep us up to date on these.  However, we can only post the ones that we are aware of.  If you know of any others, please call Babbs or email to:  
Mike Sapp - Recouperating from outpatient surgery.

Mary Broadnax- knee operation  keep up lifted for healing.

 Jerry Cooper- health issues (Per webmaster:  Babbs too, but she's too busy worrying about the rest of us to include herself on the list she sends me)
Praise that Diane and Nate Dawling are doing better and so is their son. 
John Broadnax has been in the hospital with COPD and is out and we need him to slow down.

Mark Bohannan's wife is quite sick.  He appreciates your special thoughts. 
Peggy Marx has hip problems can hardly walk at times. And the stress is taking a toll on her already damaged heart. Was at hospital a couple of times over the Christmas Holiday. Prayer for strength and healing.
Praise that Ms Diane is back up after computer crash, sick grandkids, her already bad back which wasn't helped by a slide down her son's stairs and a kidney infection.  
Judy Kiser is doing better!!!! Thank you Lord for meds and strength.
Many Blessing's and Praises for those's not mentioned by name as there are many.
Safety for those in travel over New Year and the need's of those that are cold and broke, jobless and no home to go to.
Count you Blessing's if you have a warm spot in your heart share with some one who need's help. Every little bit help's.

A Happy, and Healthy New Year to all! 

UPDATE 12/9/10
From Babbs:

 Babbs is almost fully recovered from her heart surgery last week!  She is up and about again.  Praise the Lord for a successful surgery and recovery!  
NATE DOWLING & DIANE'S SON (Posted: 8/20/10)
Nate & Diane's son is in serious condition after a very bad car accident.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Thank you.
Update: 8/29/10 -
Nate wishes to thank everyone for their prayers and support.  Their son's condition is improving.

POSTED THE FOLLOWING ON FACEBOOK.  Please keep him in your prayers: 

Totaled my '04 Ranger, almost head on, some angle, still on pain meds and anything else I can get my hands on. My dog Onyx got out and ran away but my friends John and Amy tracked her down.   I have injury to left hip and lower back. I can't figure out why God keeps extending my time on earth. Will post pics as soon as I get them and you'll understand when I say I barely escaped death again, thank you Lord.


DICK COLON - Dick's procedure went well.  He is feeling better.  Why not give him a call?   

LENOX WILLIAMS -   Bill Haynes just posted in our guestbook that Lenox Williams has passed away.  
Here is the link to the obituary. My guess is that this news will evoke many different feelings and emotions for many of the WHBz, but I'm only here to report the news, not to comment on it.  Your comments, however, are always welcome in  the guestbook or forum, but please remember... no profanity, etc.  We need to keep the website family friendly.  On the other hand, it might be good for some of you to discuss how you felt when you heard the news. 

- Dick's procedure went well.  He is feeling better.  Why not give him a call?    -   Bill Haynes just posted in our guestbook that Lenox Williams has passed away.   Here is the link to the obituary.   UPDATES - 9/21/10BABBS COOPER  - Dick's procedure went well.  He is feeling better.  Why not give him a call?    -   Bill Haynes just posted in our guestbook that Lenox Williams has passed away.   Here is the link to the obituary.  

Special thoughts for Ms Mary Brodnax while going through the healing of a knee operation. She is very brave and will follow doctors odrers with clinched teeth. And prayer's for the Fudge family.Special needs for family health issues and Ms Diane has neen in pain with back to point of not walking for days. Thier basket is full. Nate reports that his family is doing better and he will see everyone at Beacon House on 18th. With knowledge of many Needs and many Praises we ask prayer for a fruitful Holiday Season for all. Let us share and care as much as we can. Praise for Jerry as he is feeling a bit better and still walking as tall as possible. Special thoughts for Peggy Marx,JudyKiser ,Mike Sapp and Charlie Fudge family. In Christ Love

Sept., 2010
We need to pray for the children ,parent's and grandparent's
This week extra please as there are so many needs.
I have had calls regarding abuse to children,need for food and cloth's for children and much needed school supplies for the children.
Children that have lost parent through divorce and death.
"Family"  is not what it should be sometimes and that is the price the children pay today just as some of us did in our day.
Suffer not the little children.Let us pray.

UPDATES - 9/21/10


BABBS COOPER (Update August 29, 2010) 



On behalf of myself and my family we offer our most sincere and heartfelt condolence to the family of Brother Manuel Giddens and commend them to the infinite Father who will fold the arms of His love and protection around those who put their trust and confidence in him, may the peace that passes all understanding rest and abide in him now and forever. --BillWilly Haynes WHB

HERE for a Biography and Memorial for Manuel.


Marti Sommnitz’ sister, Joyce, who passed away on November 19, 2009, from lung cancer, she leaves behind her husband, Bill, 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. Her other sister, Shirley, in Ocala, has COPD and now has lung cancer too, she’d appreciate any prayers.  Buddy & Marti Somnitz 

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