White House Boy Essay

The following speech (or essay) was written by Bill Price, a White House Boy, in preparation for the first Memorial Service that was held at the United Unitarian Church, in St Petersburg, Florida on April 13, 2014.  Due to time constraints, it was NOT read, but it is extremely touching and heartfelt, and should be read by all!

Tonight we gather to honor the survivors of one of the most horrific and sadistic places that I have ever heard of much less been a part of. We, as survivors, can tell you of the horrors we faced but I don't believe we can do justice to the real pain. I don't want to focus on my story or what I went through personally. I would rather honor the dead, the young ...innocent children that can't be here today to help us in honoring others, the ones who never reached adulthood and had a family to carry on their legacy. The children who suffered more than any of us by the loss of their lives. To them I say rest in peace and be forever comforted in the fact that the White House B
oys will never forget and we will never let others forget. Some of you have been found and some never will, but where ever you lie, you are not alone, the hearts and thoughts of your brothers will be with you. God bless and keep you forever.

To you, my brothers who have recently passed to be in the comfort of God, I say to you that, you are missed and you have endured a life full of hurt that started when you were a child and no matter what anyone says, you were a brave and courageous soul. You carried with you a hurt that only a few left now know. You were a survivor and your life meant a lot to many. Rest in peace knowing that. 

Finally, I want to address the men here tonight who by the grace of God have survived the torture of the white house. I am thankful that I am here and able to speak to you tonight and more importantly I am glad to have you all around me and able to call you my brothers. We share a common cause as we shared a common threat years ago. We are survivors and we are relentless and we will prove we are not liars. Our lives have taken many different paths but they have all led us back to where we are today. Whether it be destiny or fate, we are meant to be here to fight for a common goal. To prevent this from ever happening to another child like us. God bless you all. 

This had a lot of meaning to me, thanks for allowing us all a place to share.

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